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New setup balance construction
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Manufacturing and sale:
Karel Šulda
UL PROFIL spol. s r.o.
825 Dukelská
783 91 Uničov
Czech Republic



BORA III RACE – New setup balance construction

New setup balance enables perfect setup of the required performance and speed. The kite is supplied with the balance set up in universal position (the rows of lines A-C on the same level). However, every rider can set up the balance according to his/her current requirements and weight. When A-lines (red front line) are extended, the performance, power and stability in turbulence increase. Recommended for riders with weight over 80 kg or in extremely turbulent atmosphere. On the other hand, when A-lines are shortened, the speed increases and the maximum performance is reached within a higher speed range. Recommended for hard smooth surfaces, for extremely high-speed snowkiting or for riders with weight lower then 60 kg.


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